Self Study Corel Painter X Course

The course I moderated at the Digital Art Academy is now available as a Self Study Course. This means you work on your own and are not moderated by myself or anyone else. All the tutorials, movies, brush sets (for each lesson!) lessons, sets of resource images and goodies are all there for you to download and follow at your own pace!

This course will only be offered until January 1, 2009 at which time it will end and become part of Marilyns archived tutorials for purchase in her sets of lessons. Join the DAA now to take advantage of this course and enjoy the benefits of being a Digital Art Academy student!


Here is a full description and also one of the promo images explaining the first lesson.

I am excited to present this self study course at DAA. You will find that this class will be fun and should bring beginners into the world of Digital Art and the more experienced will learn techniques and new ideas for creative art. What you need most of all for this class is IMAGINATION and after that Corel Painter X. We will be doing lessons that are ONLY applicable to Painter X. So if you do not have Painter X, download the FREE 30 Day Painter X for your platform.
We are also going to using Alien Skin SNAP ART to create layers that will bring new dimension to your art. Alien Skin SNAP ART also have a FREE 30 Day download, so again, wait till class starts to download and install it.
A Wacom tablet is truly the only way to be painting. A mouse can be used, but I highly recommend a Wacom Intuous 3 6×8 tablet as the minimum for painting.
Each week we will be working on a different subject. You may use your own images or the class reference images. It is highly recommended that all your own reference images be 8×10 @ 250 dpi as the minimum so you can truly see what you are painting. Smaller or lower resolution images make it difficult to see the brushstrokes and also hard for you to see details.

The Line Up for the Four Weeks:
Portraits: New techniques to speed up your portrait paintings and simplify them
Landscapes and City Art: Learn ways to improve your non-people art
Painting with Vibrant Color: Ways to look at color and add more color depth to your paintings
Texture and Finishing Touches: Adding texture to paintings and a variety of finishing touches
Once we finish a weeks lesson we will NOT be going back to it. These are Four SEPARATE lessons.


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  1. CPT Willy Says:

    Marilyn, thank you for giving me a link to the Digital Arts Academy lessons. I am looking forward to going through them. I am eager to learn to Painter X and I think your prescription is my perfect solution.

    You paintings are beautiful. Your blog is a pleasure to browse.

  2. pendarvis Says:

    […] Asheville Beginner Workshop in October! Just updated all this info with many specifics. Please readSelf Study Corel Painter X CourseThe course I moderated at the Digital Art Academy is now available as a Self Study Course. This […]

  3. Marilyn Sholin Says:

    This course is also available on DVD and you get THREE of my products for the price of ONE!

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