The Art of Digital Photo Painting is SHIPPING!

My new book The Art of Digital Photo Painting from Lark Books is shipping now earlier than anticipated. You can still order it on Amazon and are guaranteed holiday delivery as of today. We found that the link to¬† Twisting Pixels has changed…the download site for TWISTING PIXELS is on THIS PAGE at the bottom scrolling down you will find the link. Click Windows or MAC to get the FREE TRIAL. Any other click takes you to purchasing it.

Also, we found that right now the link in the book to the DEMO images on the Lark site is and there you can download each image individually. If you want to download the images for the tutorials in one large ZIP file go HERE on my own site. Because the delivery sort of jumped ahead on us, we got caught not having them up yet. The download is 82megs so if you are on a slow connection, give it time to download.

I have been receiving emails for a few days now all with positive comments on the book. If you feel the same about it and would like to write a wonderful Five Star review of it on that would be great! Thanks all!

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  1. Kathy Says:

    I’ve recently purchased your book “The Art of Digital Photo Painting” but the link you mention to download the images is not available. The book says to go to:, but this does not work. Also the above-mentioned link on this page does not work. Please help.

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