Dancers Thoughts Painting

Dancers Thoughts
Been painting and painting and really enjoying myself again lost in the artwork. Here is a new painting done with some of my new brushes that are available for a FREE DOWNLOAD in the Digital Paint Shop. Just check out the FREEBIES area and find the Mar New Portrait brushes. How easy is that? Nothing better to play with than a set of Free Corel Painter Brushes is there?

JUST ADDED you can watch a video about the new brushes! VIDEO

These brushes all work in Painter X. Just be sure to load the CORRECT version for your system. MAC or PC. A BIG thank you to David Gell who I consider my Brush Genius and most helpful guru of brushes that helped to convert my new brushes to have them work in Painter X.
You can find more tutorials, free brushes and downloads at his website. THE BRUSH PORT Please visit his website and thank him for his help!

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