DEAR Network TV Executives…get a LIFE!

BEWARE…boring New Years RANT about Network TV!

Now I am mad…not just mad but freaking mad and realize that NBC, CBS and ABC executives do NOT live in the real world! We, the REAL WORLD are BUSY people! We tape our shows, we download fron iTunes…we watch our downloads while we fly here and there. We are clearly far more busy than all of you are. You think that if we miss a few episodes and sorry to say, you miss out on commercial income, we are gone. We are NOT gone! I am grateful that most Mondays I am able to be home or tape Prison Break….happily 24 is a huge success and the little shows like Burn Notice and CHUCK are entertaining enough to keep them on…but GIVE ME A BREAK CBS, NBC and ABC….give other shows a chance! Just found out that one of my little fun dirty secrets has been cancelled…Dirty Sexy Money with the fun cast, has been cancelled after a cliff hangar. I have no faith to watch a show real time any more! FAT ACTRESS gets cancelled? I watched all the episodes on a business trip and was laughing out loud. Had no time to watch it in real time..CANCELLED again.

Downloaded on iTunes all of  Julianna Margulies amazing show Canterburys Law on a business trip…I cried and laughed and got totally involved in all the episodes and then find out CANCELLED. What happened to her son? What happened to her and her drinking and ex-husband….more good TV writers out of work.

Sorry Network TV Executives…but this is the new world…you need to give shows time. You believed enough to put them on tv…now give us time to find them instead of all the totally crappy reality low budget tv shows like Ryan Seacrest productions of My MOM picks out my wife???? This is clearly why we watch CABLE tv and opt for better tv shows. I am so sick of being sucked in to your lame lives.

Okay… I admit…my DVR is set for 24 season debut…but what else do you have for me?

Those that read my blog for art….and Painter X tutorials and updates…sorry, but this is my rant and I’m sticking to it! Corel Painter X updates coming next!

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  2. Claudie Says:

    what?? Dirty Sexy Money was cx’d? that really makes me mad, Janice too. FX cx’d Dirt too which we loved. and they might cx Lipstick Jungle. Poo on alla them!!!

  3. Barb Hartsook Says:

    Hahaha! I watch old movies. And now you know why… there is so little of value on the TV to put into my mind in the evenings after working all day. I want to enjoy a good story, and where else will I find one other than in books or in a well-scripted, cast, and acted, movie?

    I understand your rant, Marilyn… maybe you could paint out all your frustrations and then turn the silly TV off. (Except for sports and movies, of course — in high definition.) 🙂

    Big hug,

  4. Shazia Says:

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