Forever Asheville Painting Work in Progress

Working on a new digital/acrylic painting and I thought it would be fun to share the steps and give some hints and tips. I started with a reference photo that I took this past summer as I was walking past someones car.  The idea that this truly represented Asheville, NC came to me immediately that it had the laid back feeling.

Original Capture

Original Capture

Now I needed to open it in Corel Painter 11 and I painted it with artist oils brushes looking to get as much of a brushstroke as possible into the painting. While I used the photo as photo reference it’s clear all the changes made to the painting as it is transforming into a painting.

After Painting in Corel Painter 11 with Artist Oil brushes

After Painting in Corel Painter 11 with Artist Oil brushes

Next I felt it looked a little dull and needed some punching up. Opened the image in Photoshop and tested out a few TOPAZ FILTERS on it and ended up using something in TOPAZ ADJUST. This gave more detail and also punched up the colors. When I was finished with that I opened NIK SHARPENER 3.0 and did some sharpening on the painting to pop more of the brushstrokes so I know it will print well. If you want to check out these filters use the links to TOPAZ and when you check out put MSHOLIN into the coupon code and you will get a discount. Same with NIK filters. Coupon Code: MSHOLIN gets a discount on them.

Below is the final digital painting. Next step will be to add acrylic paint to the canvas. I will update this post and show the before and after paintings:  the digital file vs the acrylic painted canvas. Final version will be Pigment Inks with Acrylic Paint.

Topaz Filters and Nik Sharpener Applied

Topaz Filters and Nik Sharpener Applied

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  2. Cosmetic Dentist San Jose Says:

    That was a very interesting technique for art work. I haven’t tried digital acrylic painting. I think it is awesome, because you wouldn’t worry about getting messed up with the pain you will use.

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  4. CheyAnne Says:

    this is amazing. I had heard of such a thing as digital painting, but have never really seen it in action. And here in 3 photos you show how it works. I’ve ‘painted’ my photos in photoshop elements, but now it looks like I have a new found fixation. Wonderful
    peace n abundance,

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