Free Brushes for Corel Painter 11

It’s easy to forget there are so many new users for Corel Painter 11 now and they might not know about the free brushes we have available for download! The Digital Painting Forum has a shop that is public and everyone can download brushes and articles and tutorials for Painter. You will need to register and that’s all you need to do!
Get FREE Dens famous Funky Chunky Brush and the entire set of Dens Brushes HERE
See the other FREE brushes also! Don’t miss the Sample Set of Marilyns Special set of brushes also! Plus the popular
Rainbow Brush.

10 Responses to “Free Brushes for Corel Painter 11”

  1. Betty Laliberte Says:

    Hi Marilyn, I was just wondering if it was possible to get your hair and skin brushes, I had them at one time but can not find them anymore. I had a major computer problem and had to have my hard drive wiped clean and of course painter went by by. I have just now gotten everything back together but now I see I am missing your hair and skin brushes. Did I dream I had them??? thanks Betty

  2. Marilyn Sholin Says:

    Betty, do you mean the brushes that are on the CD you got from me when we did the workshop? You should have them all on that CD. Let me know.

  3. leo davis Says:

    Would like to add some brushes to my Corel 11

  4. leo davis Says:

    Brushes for Corel 11

  5. joan fury Says:

    I downloaded the free brush files, expanded, copied to painter11/brushes folder, changed properties to not be read only. took a few steps to get all this done but for example the funky chunky brush seems to only apply paint on the canvas not a layer. Is there another step needed to use these brushed in painter 11? I tried to import but no luck. Any suggestions?

  6. Marilyn Sholin Says:

    The Funky Chunky brushes do NOT work on an empty layer but you can duplicate your canvas so it will work on the dupe layer. Let me know if that helps. The basics of copying a file to layer it is Select ALL>EDIT COPY>EDIT PASTE.


  7. jenifer Says:

    Are these brushes are really free of cots?

  8. Friday freebies: Brushes, halftones, stock and more | Digital Artist Says:

    […] Here are some free Corel Painter brushes from Marilyn Sholin. […]

  9. Chris Says:

    Hi Marilyn

    Hope you’re well. You might not remember me from a few years back on a great digital painting forum you ran.

    I’ve been out of things for a long while but have just felt reenergised recently and wondered if there is a lively painter forum you could suggest?

    Best wishes

  10. Marilyn Sholin Says:

    Hello Chris,

    Highly recommend the Digital Art Academy for connecting with other digital artists. The classes are wonderful and it’s a great community.
    Good to hear from you!!



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