FREE Telemarketing Seminar! 16 HOURS!

Would U pay $3.00 for 1 hour of marketing specialist time? Of course you would! There is no better deal! $49=16 hours! Why sit on the phone for 2 Days when at $3.00 per lesson you can keep them forever to refer back to? Remember, price doubles day of Telesummit. Buy it now!



This amazing deal is available for FREE if you phone in. All you need to do is REGISTER! Once you register you will be made a fantastic offer to buy the download of 16 hours from 16 different speakers for the incredible low price of $49.00! Don’t delay. Don’t waste time. Just BUY it and then you own the download, can put it on your iPhone or your iPod and hook up and be wired for marketing on 16 different levels for only $3.00 per speaker! If you wait till the Telesummit you will lose out on this special price! It’s only available BEFORE the Telesummit, after it starts it goes up to $99.00! Go just DO IT now!

One Response to “FREE Telemarketing Seminar! 16 HOURS!”

  1. Deborah Jeffrey Says:

    Hi Marilyn:

    First, I want to say that I am enjoying learning more about Corel Painter through your new book — Thank you!

    Second, I wanted to thank you for an idea that you shared in 16-hour free marketing seminars. You discussed the blogs that you keep and mentioned that you have one for your cat. You stated that you didn’t know what you would do with it, but it was there and you would be thinking about how you could use it.

    I have had an art blog for several months now and have had a-l-m-o-s-t 500 hits on it, have made no art sales through my website, and sold 2 cards through my Etsy site. Well, I thought about your comments and decided to start a “dog blog.” It is written from my dog’s perspective and she and I together make art that is sold through an Etsy site, etc. Anyway, her blog has been active for 1 week (today), she has had over 170 hits and we have sold a total of 11 “PawPrintArt” cards.

    If you want to check out the site, it is and the Etsy shop is

    I’m thinking of backing off on my “art” blog, focusing on Zoe’s site only, and eventually introducing animal portraits available for commission through her Etsy site.

    We will see where it takes us, but I did want to thank you and share with you the fruit of your labor.


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