Golden Paints Colors I Use the Most

Paint Colors from Golden Paints

Paint Colors from Golden Paints

The Marathon Press webinar from September 30th had some lists in it as part of the slideshow. These are from there. If you missed the webinar which also has 25 minutes of video of me painting and describing what I am doing, you CAN still buy it and download it! As a matter of fact, you can buy any of my Marathon Press webinars there!  BUY IT NOW

2 Responses to “Golden Paints Colors I Use the Most”

  1. Wayne Says:

    What are you using for yours whites and blacks?

    I admire your Painter works with portraits very much. I think your the best in the world! After some experience you will be the best painter with real media too! Keep up the great works.


  2. Marilyn Sholin Says:

    I thought I had the white listed. I use Titanium White. I don’t use a lot of solid black at all but instead use darkest shades of blues because in reality black usually has a color. I might mix some black into a blue to make it darker but not a solid black for my particuliar work. Thanks for the comment Wayne.

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