10 Steps to be taken Seriously as an Artist if you are a Photographer!

WPPI in Las Vegas is the place to be in a few days and while you are working out your schedule of booths to visit and who to see add this special FREE presentation onto your calendar. This is an all new presentation and has some radical ideas that are relevant to our times. There are new ways to get your message out there and I’m not talking “social media”! Get your seat at this short 30 minute presentation that may change your artistic and photographic life forever.

If you plan things right you will be one of 12 lucky winners to receive FREE “Marilyn’s Marketing CD” and as an extra thank you one of her original art posters printed by Millers Lab. See and feel the color quality yourself!


Only at the Millers Lab Booth!


Tradeshow Monday 1:30pm

FIRST 12 SEATED FOR ENTIRE PROGRAM RECEIVE FREE “Marilyns Marketing CD” and one of Marilyns original poster paintings! We want the Millers Booth to be ROCKING! After the seats are filled, standing room only!

Rules to get your cool free stuff: Be seated in the limited seating before program starts. Be sure Michael has your name on the list. At the end of the program don’t get up until Michael validates your name and get your free gift!

There are so many new photographers coming to WPPI and we know you are concentrating on learning your lighting and posing and the new equipment available. Don’t miss this free opportunity to learn from a Master Craftsman CPP and award winning artist, author and Corel Painter Master. If you miss this 30 minutes in Vegas, you may regret it for the next year as  your competitor was there in the seats listening! Follow us all on Twitter! @millerslab @msholin @digitalpaint

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  1. Neil Cowley Says:

    Who’s ‘Michael’?

  2. Marilyn Sholin Says:

    My other half. You will know him when you see him. Are you coming to WPPI?

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