Topaz Adjust 4 Does it All! FREE UPGRADE!

Topaz Labs has come out with an upgrade to ADJUST which is just amazing! It makes it easy to add creative effects to your paintings and images.  I have done a video about it and here are some of the images and the different settings I used. The video has all the details and it is a high resolution video so the details can be seen. Either download the  Topaz4 video (warning: large file) or watch the Topaz Video online! The amazing thing is that the release of Adjust 4 is a FREE upgrade to Adjust! Overall, the greatest deal is to purchase the entire BUNDLE and get all the fantastic Topaz filters which I use daily. The Topaz bundle is clearly the best deal and I’ll show you more about that in another post.

Save on the filters now!

When you check out be sure to put in the coupon code:  msholin

Here is a portrait as a finished original file:

Next I started playing with the filters in Photoshop. I did NOT change any blend modes or opacity even though I did work on a layer. So what you are seeing is the full effect unaltered in Topaz Adjust4. First Topaz4 filter is CLARITY next is CRISP.

Last is SPICIFY (one of my favorites!) to play with especially controlling the settings and use this on a layer and try out the blend modes.

This gives a good idea of what the Topaz Filters can do for images. When you watch the video, you will learn how FAST they are! Especially watch the close ups in the video of the little girls curly hair and the amazing results for details that Topaz4 filters give in controlling how much details are visibile.

Next sample is one of my paintings. When I finish a digital painting it’s never done until I play with it and see what other effects I can get. This is just an idea of the versatility the filters provide. From one painting I can get many paintings and all with different choices of what to emphasize.

Here is my original of Chinatown Rain and to the right using  Topaz4 COLOR BLAST next is PORTRAIT DRAMA and last SPICIFY

It’s easy to see why I love these so much. The interface is incredibly easy to use. I am all about EASY! Below is a screen shot to show more details on the interface.

The Topaz BUNDLE will give complete control over your images.  Take a closer look to see how all the filters can help your photography and paintings quickly and easily.

Save on the filters now!

Check out with the coupon code: msholin

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  1. Felice Says:

    Hi….Great job on explaining Topaz filters….ordered yesterday.

  2. Marilyn Sholin Says:

    I will be doing some new videos on their other filters also. There are tons of uses for them!

  3. Donnie Bagwell Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Love Topaz.

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