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Marilyn Sholin Event Schedule 2009

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Just finished updating my entire schedule for Painter X Workshops and events and my speaking commitments. I hope to see some of you at some of these! Please feel free to write me with questions or for more information.

We are very excited about all the events, but the Asheville:State of the Arts events are special to us and we hope to add more guest speakers coming in from all over the country! We will be adding other Corel Painter instructors and classes about digital art and Photoshop instructors! So be sure to subscribe to this blog for all updates!

To see some video of the last Asheville Painter Workshop watch this:

MSholin Digital Painting Workshop in Asheville



Title:  Art of Digital Photo Painting Book Launch!
Date: January 25 2009 Asheville,NC
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description: Presentation of Marilyns new book for Lark Publishing on the Art of Digital Photo Painting. Join us for
a short presentation and refreshments and meet the artist and book signing.

FREE but you must register to attend. Send me an email if you want to come in the SPRING!

Title:  The Digital Art Studio in MICHIGAN
Date: February 9 2009 All Day Program Michigan Professional Photographers Convention Lansing,MI
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Be the artist you always wanted to be learning how to create, market and sell your fine art using Painter X

Title:  The Digital Paintbrush
Date:  February 16-18 2009 WPPI Las Vegas, NV
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description: Multiple Presentations on the Tradeshow floor presenting Painter X

Title:  The Digital Art Studio in NEW YORK
Date: March 29 2009 PPSNY Convention Albany, NY
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Be the artist you always wanted to be learning how to create, market and sell your fine art using Painter X

Title:  The Digital Art Studio in Kansas City, MO
Date: March 31 2009 Heart of American Convention
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Be the artist you always wanted to be learning how to create, market and sell your fine art using Painter X

Title:  The Digital Art Studio in KENTUCKY
Date: April 27-29 2009 Kentucky Academy of Photographic Arts, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Three Days of Painter X and embellishing the canvas


Date: May 3-8 2009 Asheville,NC

Short Description:  Five Days of learning painting,infrared photography and more!
Link:    Coming Soon

Title:  Asheville Spring Painter Blast!
Date: May 17-20 2009 SPRING ADVANCED PAINTER BLAST Asheville, NC
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Four Days of Advanced Painter in Spring Flowers of Smoky Mountains

Title:  Asheville BEGINNER PAINTER X
Date: June 14-15 2009 Two Days Beginner Painter X
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Two Days of BEGINNER Painter X

Title:  Asheville BEGINNER PAINTER X
Date: July 12-13 2009 Two Days Beginner Painter X
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Two Days of BEGINNER Painter X

AUGUST:  Marilyn will again be in Canada at the Niagara School of Imaging!!

Self Study Corel Painter X Course

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

The course I moderated at the Digital Art Academy is now available as a Self Study Course. This means you work on your own and are not moderated by myself or anyone else. All the tutorials, movies, brush sets (for each lesson!) lessons, sets of resource images and goodies are all there for you to download and follow at your own pace!

This course will only be offered until January 1, 2009 at which time it will end and become part of Marilyns archived tutorials for purchase in her sets of lessons. Join the DAA now to take advantage of this course and enjoy the benefits of being a Digital Art Academy student!


Here is a full description and also one of the promo images explaining the first lesson.

I am excited to present this self study course at DAA. You will find that this class will be fun and should bring beginners into the world of Digital Art and the more experienced will learn techniques and new ideas for creative art. What you need most of all for this class is IMAGINATION and after that Corel Painter X. We will be doing lessons that are ONLY applicable to Painter X. So if you do not have Painter X, download the FREE 30 Day Painter X for your platform.
We are also going to using Alien Skin SNAP ART to create layers that will bring new dimension to your art. Alien Skin SNAP ART also have a FREE 30 Day download, so again, wait till class starts to download and install it.
A Wacom tablet is truly the only way to be painting. A mouse can be used, but I highly recommend a Wacom Intuous 3 6×8 tablet as the minimum for painting.
Each week we will be working on a different subject. You may use your own images or the class reference images. It is highly recommended that all your own reference images be 8×10 @ 250 dpi as the minimum so you can truly see what you are painting. Smaller or lower resolution images make it difficult to see the brushstrokes and also hard for you to see details.

The Line Up for the Four Weeks:
Portraits: New techniques to speed up your portrait paintings and simplify them
Landscapes and City Art: Learn ways to improve your non-people art
Painting with Vibrant Color: Ways to look at color and add more color depth to your paintings
Texture and Finishing Touches: Adding texture to paintings and a variety of finishing touches
Once we finish a weeks lesson we will NOT be going back to it. These are Four SEPARATE lessons.


Britto at Chef Allens!!

Friday, June 3rd, 2005

Chef Allen had one of his famous Palate to Palette dinner events to pair Cuisine, Wine and Art all together. This dinner was to showcase Romero Britto. If that name sounds familiar, it should. Britto was recently profiled on Donald Trumps The Apprentice April 28, 2005.
Chef Allens on Britto Night

I have been lucky to meet Romero a few years ago through my own friend and artist rep, Robyn. I have watched with excitement the growth of his incredible art as an internationally known artist. He is one of the warmest and most talented people around and I am lucky to know him and his family.
Marilyn, Robyn and Romero Britto

Allen and Judy Susser are old and dear friends of ours. We go waaaay back as they say and we have shared many happy events together. It was a thrill to see how beautiful the restaurant looked on Britto night and to share in the fabulous food and wines from Chateau Ste Michelle. The menu included baby conch and sweet corn cakes, soft shell crab with rock shrimp, filet mignon of tuna and incredible guava and almond baklava.
Our favorite wine was the Estancia, Meritage, 2001…a definite Highlight!!

Thank you for being good friends!

As always…Chef Allens is a TEN M Dining Experience!! MMMMMMMMMM

Manuel’s “DEATH MATCH”

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Until we all decided, Manuel’s became the Arena for the “Championship Hottest Salsa Eating Contest”. Mississippi State Champ, Lisa Monistere, successfully defended her title by annihilating Michael in the Main Event. Michael threw in the towel in the second round, and Lisa remains UNBEATEN.

A rematch is scheduled for June 28th, in lisa’s home state of Mississppi,,,,,,,Micheal vows to not take Lisa lightly next time, and promises to train hard.

HIGHLIGHTS……Mexican Martinis, Mango Margaritas, and Air Conditioning.


Austin Chez Zee

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

J & J with M & MWhen in Austin, Texas our dear friends Jennifer and Justin Turner always know just the perfect place for dinner. This time was no exception. From the get go it was the perfect blend of Tex Mex which went very well with wine and vodka. Couldn’t do dessert….had to open the button on my pants!! Nuff said!!

Thank you J & J from M & M


ps: Jennifer is President of CFPA, Children and Family Photographers of America. Check out the website.

Redfish Grill Bourbon Street

Monday, May 16th, 2005

How great is this restaurant? Well, in the city where every restaurant is great, we had to go back here twice just to get enough of it. Redfish Grill is DELICIOUS!! Go and EAT!Redfish Grill on Bourbon on Marilyn Paint!

Chez Urs

Thursday, April 14th, 2005

Wrapping Up The Perfect Trip

Chez Urs – French Cuisine At It’s FINEST!

Parisian atmosphere, accented by Candlelight, Wine, Delicious Aromas, and Fine Art. Dwight and Deanna Urs have outdone themselves as always. Incredible Food, Incredible Hospitality, and INCREDIBLE PEOPLE.

Another MUST when in town.
Another FIVE M’s

Thank you D & D
Love M & M

Puc’ Family Dinner with Chef Ed

Thursday, April 14th, 2005

Dinner @ Sandy’s

After 2 intensive days of PAINTER, we were invited to Sandy Puc’s home for a family dinner. Sandy’s husband, (Colorado’s Premier Chef), Chef Ed, was preparing true Colorado delicacies as we arrived. We suggest to everyone to take the Juliana Pre-Dinner house tour, where she will offer you a personal, and up close look, from the Master Bedroom to the Basement Do-Jo. Be careful when entering the Do-Jo, the entire family has WORLD-CLASS trophies that show off their skills.

Chef Ed’s Caesar Salad was the best I’ve ever had. Followed by perfectly marinated and tender BBQ’ed steaks, that melted in my mouth, with asparagus and potatoes, all I can say is,,,,,We will be back REAL SOON.

Highlight-Spending time with The Puc’ family, and hopefully building a friendship that will continue forever.

M’s across the board- PERFECT SCORE

COLORADO: Siam Smiles

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Siam Smiles, 7456 B2 Simms Street, Littleton
NE Corner of Simms St. and Ken Caryl Avenue

Thai in Colorado? Only restaurant open in Littleton night of the Blizzard of 2005 and we are HUNGRY after teaching a seminar all day!!

This was a great find!
Marilyn had the Shrimp Coconut hot and sour soup 7 M’s out of a possible 5!!
Need I say more?
Spring Rolls are unbelievable….MUST HAVE!!
Michael ordered the Pad Thai with Beef
“Be Careful of the Spice Factor”
Choices are 1 to 5..whatever number you pick, divide by 3.

Michaels Highlight: Lots and Lots of FREE water Refills!
Marilyns Highlight: The SOUP!!
Service was great. Owen is Siam Smiles Ambassador of Hospitality, Food Service and all around Good Guy.
Thanks for a great dinner on a snowy night.

MMMMM No Doubt M’s!!
Wish I had more M’s to give, but have to save some for another trip.
Michael and Owen at Siam Smiles

Colorado: Simms Street

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Simms Street:
NE Corner of Simms St and Ken Caryl Ave.

Angel Hair Pasta with shrimp, steak and mushrooms in a garlic cream sauce….A Fantastic Fourplay!!! Best $15 ever spent.

Michaels Highlight: Free Water REFILLS!!
Marilyns Highlight: The mushrooms in wine sauce!!

Five Outta Five…Perfect Score!!