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Beginner Corel Painter Workshop in Asheville NC

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


July 20, 21  2014 Sunday/Monday



LOCATION: Cool Smokey Mountains in Asheville, NC at Marilyn’s Studio

Learn the tricks and tips to a quick start with Corel Painter X3 the latest version of natural media painting for photographers and artists. Corel Painter Master Marilyn Sholin will have you painting in no time.

You will learn about preferences, set up, installing brushes and saving your own favorites of brushes. Follow with Marilyn on tutorials as you learn how to use this software to clone paint or if  you are a freehand painter learn how to start on a blank canvas.

Explore different methods for portrait painting in unique styles from both traditional to loose and impressionist. Learn basic color techniques and how to “Steal Color” to always be right about your choices. Unique methods of Auto Painting as a layer for your multi-faceted painting.

Learn from a Corel Painter Master in an encouraging and friendly atmosphere!



ALSO don’t forget to REGISTER for the FREE COREL WEBINAR on June 24th!

Some recent paintings from our trip to Venice Italy!

ALEX_DSC00593_912_SAT_PAINTING_02_WEB jewishGhetto_000537_Old_Meets_New_WEB rialtobridge_0001_FIN__WEB

Two Women in Venice

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013



This was a fun painting to work on. It was totally painted in Corel Painter and then I used a texture from Melissa Gallo over it and added a mask to take away the texture where I did not want it on the women. I have been working on people painting that give the illusion of their faces but have no details to the faces. Only a hint of the womens glasses and their noses and jawlines create the illusion that your mind finishes. The reference photo was taken in Venice Italy where the people watching is beyond my greatest wishes. We will be enjoying that next May 2014 when we take an exclusive group tour to Venice for a week. Part of this was also painted with some of my FREE Cloner brushes you can download at the Digital Paint Shop. Don’t forget to also download the instructions for loading Corel Painter brushes for free. While you are at the Digital Paint Shop check out the huge SALE on the Simple and Complete Tutorials for Painter 11 at the cheapest price ever! All delivered as downloads.

Corel Painter 12 Tutorials Complete on SALE!

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013


Save yourself some time, money and trouble and grab this “DEAL” while it’s available for a LIMITED TIME! All THREE of my tutorials for Painter 12 come to $223 at regular price…but for only $69 you can grab them now. There are three with hours of videos on these also.

Two of them are instant downloads and the third will come from YOUSENDIT.COM because it’s almost a GIG of information!

You must be using Corel Painter 12.2 (12 with the updates) to take full advantage of the lessons.


Secrets to Layers in Corel Painter

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Even includes a video!

Here are the basics to layers in Corel Painter. I try to keep things simple so check out this post including the video and learn the easy way.

Painting On Layers

Corel Painter Layers

Video for Painting on Layers

More FREE Corel Painter Brushes

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Pssst…..Want to know a secret about Free Corel Painter brushes?

Here is a blog post on free corel painter brushes and how to install brushes.

Free Brushes

A few of the Free Brushes being Used


Topaz Adjust 4 Does it All! FREE UPGRADE!

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Topaz Labs has come out with an upgrade to ADJUST which is just amazing! It makes it easy to add creative effects to your paintings and images.  I have done a video about it and here are some of the images and the different settings I used. The video has all the details and it is a high resolution video so the details can be seen. Either download the  Topaz4 video (warning: large file) or watch the Topaz Video online! The amazing thing is that the release of Adjust 4 is a FREE upgrade to Adjust! Overall, the greatest deal is to purchase the entire BUNDLE and get all the fantastic Topaz filters which I use daily. The Topaz bundle is clearly the best deal and I’ll show you more about that in another post.

Save on the filters now!

When you check out be sure to put in the coupon code:  msholin

Here is a portrait as a finished original file:

Next I started playing with the filters in Photoshop. I did NOT change any blend modes or opacity even though I did work on a layer. So what you are seeing is the full effect unaltered in Topaz Adjust4. First Topaz4 filter is CLARITY next is CRISP.

Last is SPICIFY (one of my favorites!) to play with especially controlling the settings and use this on a layer and try out the blend modes.

This gives a good idea of what the Topaz Filters can do for images. When you watch the video, you will learn how FAST they are! Especially watch the close ups in the video of the little girls curly hair and the amazing results for details that Topaz4 filters give in controlling how much details are visibile.

Next sample is one of my paintings. When I finish a digital painting it’s never done until I play with it and see what other effects I can get. This is just an idea of the versatility the filters provide. From one painting I can get many paintings and all with different choices of what to emphasize.

Here is my original of Chinatown Rain and to the right using  Topaz4 COLOR BLAST next is PORTRAIT DRAMA and last SPICIFY

It’s easy to see why I love these so much. The interface is incredibly easy to use. I am all about EASY! Below is a screen shot to show more details on the interface.

The Topaz BUNDLE will give complete control over your images.  Take a closer look to see how all the filters can help your photography and paintings quickly and easily.

Save on the filters now!

Check out with the coupon code: msholin

Using Nik and Topaz Filters to Digitally Paint

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Ever since I posted the Forever Asheville painting and how I used Topaz filters with it I have been getting a lot of email asking more specifics. So I did another one and this time kept the info on which filters and how I used them. And I did this painting from a drive by shot I took with my iPhone here in Asheville in the beautiful fall foliage.
This is the image straight out of the iPhone 3G

Straight out of the iPhone 3G

Straight out of the iPhone 3G

After resizing it and cropping it I used Nik ColorEfex Pro Complete using the PRO CONTRAST filter which is awesome and lightning fast to fix color on any photos.

Nik Color Efex PROCONTRAST filter

Nik Color Efex PROCONTRAST filter

Next I tweaked the color with NIK BICOLOR filter. I love this set of filters and usually scroll through all the colors until I see the “AHA!” moment where it hits me.

Nik BICOLOR filter to tweak color

Nik BICOLOR filter to tweak color

Next I switched to the TOPAZ Filters to add some more details and tweak it further. This is the TOPAZ DETAILS filter set and I chose the CREATIVE DETAIL setting.

Topaz DETAIL filters using CREATIVE

Topaz DETAIL filters using CREATIVE

Next I switched to the TOPAZ ADJUST filter set and chose SIMPLIFY. This filter set adjust Exposure, Details and Color.



Now that I had the image prepped in Photoshop I opened it in COREL PAINTER 11 and painted it using mostly a brush I created from the standard Sargent Brush using adjustments to it to my taste to create the Mar SOFT SARG brush for myself. It’s a tricky brush to use but I get great results with it.

Painted in COREL PAINTER 11 with MAR SOFT SARG Brush

Painted in COREL PAINTER 11 with MAR SOFT SARG Brush

After I finished painting, just to be sure I was happy with it I opened again in Photoshop and opened the NIK FILTERS again. I ended up playing and checked the PRO CONTRAST setting again and I loved it. So the final painting was adjusted with that filter and here is the finished painting.

Final Painting final adjusment with Pro Contrast Nik filter

Final Painting final adjusment with Pro Contrast Nik filter

I really like the colors in this one and the details versus the soft background gave real separation to the entire painting. I love using the filters to change my original reference images to make something special out of them. Both of these filters are incredibly easy to use and the best part is you can SAVE MONEY on buying Nik and Topaz filters by using the codes I have for them. Go to TOPAZ FILTERS and when you check out put in the coupon code: msholin

Go to NIK FILTERS and put in same discount code when you check out:  msholin

These codes work for ALL the filters they both sell. To find more of my discount codes and more info on resources check out my blog page RESOURCES for ARTISTS and PHOTOGRAPHERS

Forever Asheville Painting Work in Progress

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Working on a new digital/acrylic painting and I thought it would be fun to share the steps and give some hints and tips. I started with a reference photo that I took this past summer as I was walking past someones car.  The idea that this truly represented Asheville, NC came to me immediately that it had the laid back feeling.

Original Capture

Original Capture

Now I needed to open it in Corel Painter 11 and I painted it with artist oils brushes looking to get as much of a brushstroke as possible into the painting. While I used the photo as photo reference it’s clear all the changes made to the painting as it is transforming into a painting.

After Painting in Corel Painter 11 with Artist Oil brushes

After Painting in Corel Painter 11 with Artist Oil brushes

Next I felt it looked a little dull and needed some punching up. Opened the image in Photoshop and tested out a few TOPAZ FILTERS on it and ended up using something in TOPAZ ADJUST. This gave more detail and also punched up the colors. When I was finished with that I opened NIK SHARPENER 3.0 and did some sharpening on the painting to pop more of the brushstrokes so I know it will print well. If you want to check out these filters use the links to TOPAZ and when you check out put MSHOLIN into the coupon code and you will get a discount. Same with NIK filters. Coupon Code: MSHOLIN gets a discount on them.

Below is the final digital painting. Next step will be to add acrylic paint to the canvas. I will update this post and show the before and after paintings:  the digital file vs the acrylic painted canvas. Final version will be Pigment Inks with Acrylic Paint.

Topaz Filters and Nik Sharpener Applied

Topaz Filters and Nik Sharpener Applied

You can find more discount codes and my recommendations on resources HERE

Niagara School of Imaging Digital Painting Pro Tip

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Every August for the past few years I have been asked to teach at the Niagara School of Imaging in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. This is the a fantastic, well run, fun school to be at! Everyone in my workshops there always has a great time learning Corel Painter and goes home with a fully hand embellished painted canvas print! NSI spares no expense to be sure all the students and instructors are happy. We all write a Pro Tip for the newsletters and mine was just published this week. Take a look at it: Marilyn Pro Tip about Portrait Painting

Here’s a little clip from it: “Portrait Painting:
The greatest challenge is not learning to use Corel Painter 11 software, it is in the artists struggle to paint portraits and create their own style of portrait painting. There are those that would like to be Picassos and paint the paintings as mere references to the physical person, but more often than not the photographers struggle is to balance themselves on that thin line between looking “too photographic” and attempting to have the portrait still be “painterly”.
Come and join us there August 16-20. You will leave knowing how to paint with Corel Painter!

Color Managment Work Around for Corel Painter 11

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Color Shift on Clone Source
I had been going a little crazy with the Clones and Quick Clones shifting colors in Painter 11. I had tried everything in color management to fix the problem and match up the profiles. I’m just so “not a techy”. I paint and usually it prints just like my screen which I do color manage. So this was out of my league until it hit me……
Why Bother Color Managing AT ALL?
I solved the problem and it’s really EASY! Just watch this short (really short) movie on how to avoid this problem quickly!