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In a Perfect World….

Monday, March 28th, 2011

In A Perfect World…..

Nothing would go wrong. Life would be as we plan it and live it. Days would pass and we would accomplish all we want to do and all our loved one would be safe and sound. We would be all we want to be and the same would be accomplished for everyone we love and cherish.
“We make plans and God Laughs”

This is an old saying that was told to me many years ago as I was building my photography studio business and “tree trunks” kept falling in my way and I had climb over them, brush myself off and continue on the journey that was to be my life and the roots of my professional life.

“Honesty Alert!”

I have over 5000 Facebook friends, the truth is most of them know me better than I know them. But there are many things they don’t know about me. Things I have kept private and to myself. As the years have passed I no longer feel a need to tell my “life story” to new friends who didn’t live it with me. But sitting down today to write a long overdue blog post makes me feel like sharing what has been going on and how it relates to us all and the past and the future. Todays post is not about my art or photography or what I teach or what I learn…it’s about lifes lessons we all learn the hard way.

So much happens to us and there is little we can do to change it.

Where Have I Been?

Well, the truth is that one of those things happened to me. Or rather to my best other half, Michael. In February on an ordinary night in an ordinary house, while watching ordinary tv, our lives were turned upside down with the few words of “I don’t feel good” while waving his hand over his chest. After the 911 call, the seven good looking emt guys in our living room, a fire engine, an ambulance and two unmarked cars on our small street, we started a new journey. To a triple bypass for his heart. The week before the Barbara Walters special about major heart surgery was on and I flipped the channel to something else. Now I had to live it with my loved one. The time in hospital saga is too long to go through here, but the bottom line is we are so lucky that we researched Asheville and it’s hospitals before moving here. Their heart unit is incredible.Every person we dealt with was amazing. And he survived it. And so did I. The call to 911 was made on February 10th and the surgery was the 15th and they sent him home on the 21st.

That is they sent him home to my care and feeding, plus the Care Partners that do home health. But I was living this as much as he was. After my own colon cancer surgery in December 2009 I thought we were home free. Now I saw that I had to live this with him. To get his diabetes under control, the gadzillion medications he was taking and “just us” to take care of us. So that is where I have been.

Life Lessons

I remember the first time I complained and whined and I wailed “That’s NOT Fair!” stamping my foot and was told “Life is NOT Fair”….ah, how true. But life is for living and while things get in the way, we must move on. While Michael was in the hospital for his heart surgery, my good friend tried to hide from me that her beautiful 18 year old daughter was in a life threatening car accident. She was dealing with that three hours from me and I felt helpless to help her when I needed all the help and strength I could get to deal with my own problems. Thankfully, both her daughter and Michael are on the road to recovery and both will be fine. It was like time was standing still.

Another time things didn’t seem fair was when my first baby was born in 1974 and he entered the world with all the drama that a first time mother dreads and fears. He was a beautiful baby, but born with multiple problems that changed our lives forever. After eight years we were again put into shock when he suddenly passed and was gone from our lives.

In between our lives were full of joy having another beautiful and healthy baby boy and the decision we made to take our healthy baby and run, closing down the factory and moving on with our lives.

Many, many other dramas,dreams that came true and some that didn’t. Dramas that make up life and death happened through the years. I successfully kept my private life separated from my professional life and enjoyed sharing my portrait clients lives and celebrating the big and little things in their lives and being able to document their images and create their family history was an incredible feeling.
Which Brings me To:

I truly love blogging here and sharing what I learned yesterday to pass it on to you all, but sometimes we have to disappear and regroup and clear our heads as life comes at us from the blindside. We have all been there. We have all done that. I needed a little time to get away. Clear my head, think about what I want to share with you all and gather up the links, webinars and art techniques that I can share. Thanks for understanding and listening. I enjoy all of your stories and sharing your lives on Facebook and Twitter…but now….it’s

Painting Installed at Asheville Airport Gallery

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Last night was the opening of the new show at the Asheville Airport Art Gallery. Here is a shot of my 30×40 pigment and acrylics on canvas painting hanging there. A good time was had by all and there is a great group of artists represented there! I am honored to be among them!

Totally convinced our neighbors played a trick on us last night

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Carpet of leaves covered our entire front lawn this morning and the car, driveway and more. Yesterday we clearly had a driveway and road in front of the house. All gone!

@fletcher_kitten On the Counter

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

It’s Kitty Day on the blog! Enjoy this our baby being as cute as he can be. Follow him on Twitter for more of his antics!

Follow Me @fletcher_kitten

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Follow Me @fletcher_kitten, originally uploaded by marilynsholin.

Meet Fletcher Etcha Sketcha our almost year old kitten who rules the house and all our cats. He is the baby of the group but has taught the others how to play and how to enjoy life. Here’s to Fletcher! You can follow him on Twitter!

New Youtube Channel just for Digital Painting

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

We now have a new You Tube Channel called Digital Paintbrush and it’s just for learning about different painting techniques whether it’s Painter or Photoshop or other software. Be sure to subscribe to it for the latest videos from around the net all in one place.

Marilyn Sholin Event Schedule 2009

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Just finished updating my entire schedule for Painter X Workshops and events and my speaking commitments. I hope to see some of you at some of these! Please feel free to write me with questions or for more information.

We are very excited about all the events, but the Asheville:State of the Arts events are special to us and we hope to add more guest speakers coming in from all over the country! We will be adding other Corel Painter instructors and classes about digital art and Photoshop instructors! So be sure to subscribe to this blog for all updates!

To see some video of the last Asheville Painter Workshop watch this:

MSholin Digital Painting Workshop in Asheville



Title:  Art of Digital Photo Painting Book Launch!
Date: January 25 2009 Asheville,NC
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description: Presentation of Marilyns new book for Lark Publishing on the Art of Digital Photo Painting. Join us for
a short presentation and refreshments and meet the artist and book signing.

FREE but you must register to attend. Send me an email if you want to come in the SPRING!

Title:  The Digital Art Studio in MICHIGAN
Date: February 9 2009 All Day Program Michigan Professional Photographers Convention Lansing,MI
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Be the artist you always wanted to be learning how to create, market and sell your fine art using Painter X

Title:  The Digital Paintbrush
Date:  February 16-18 2009 WPPI Las Vegas, NV
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description: Multiple Presentations on the Tradeshow floor presenting Painter X

Title:  The Digital Art Studio in NEW YORK
Date: March 29 2009 PPSNY Convention Albany, NY
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Be the artist you always wanted to be learning how to create, market and sell your fine art using Painter X

Title:  The Digital Art Studio in Kansas City, MO
Date: March 31 2009 Heart of American Convention
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Be the artist you always wanted to be learning how to create, market and sell your fine art using Painter X

Title:  The Digital Art Studio in KENTUCKY
Date: April 27-29 2009 Kentucky Academy of Photographic Arts, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Three Days of Painter X and embellishing the canvas


Date: May 3-8 2009 Asheville,NC

Short Description:  Five Days of learning painting,infrared photography and more!
Link:    Coming Soon

Title:  Asheville Spring Painter Blast!
Date: May 17-20 2009 SPRING ADVANCED PAINTER BLAST Asheville, NC
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Four Days of Advanced Painter in Spring Flowers of Smoky Mountains

Title:  Asheville BEGINNER PAINTER X
Date: June 14-15 2009 Two Days Beginner Painter X
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Two Days of BEGINNER Painter X

Title:  Asheville BEGINNER PAINTER X
Date: July 12-13 2009 Two Days Beginner Painter X
Instructor: Marilyn Sholin
Short Description:  Two Days of BEGINNER Painter X

AUGUST:  Marilyn will again be in Canada at the Niagara School of Imaging!!

DEAR Network TV Executives…get a LIFE!

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

BEWARE…boring New Years RANT about Network TV!

Now I am mad…not just mad but freaking mad and realize that NBC, CBS and ABC executives do NOT live in the real world! We, the REAL WORLD are BUSY people! We tape our shows, we download fron iTunes…we watch our downloads while we fly here and there. We are clearly far more busy than all of you are. You think that if we miss a few episodes and sorry to say, you miss out on commercial income, we are gone. We are NOT gone! I am grateful that most Mondays I am able to be home or tape Prison Break….happily 24 is a huge success and the little shows like Burn Notice and CHUCK are entertaining enough to keep them on…but GIVE ME A BREAK CBS, NBC and ABC….give other shows a chance! Just found out that one of my little fun dirty secrets has been cancelled…Dirty Sexy Money with the fun cast, has been cancelled after a cliff hangar. I have no faith to watch a show real time any more! FAT ACTRESS gets cancelled? I watched all the episodes on a business trip and was laughing out loud. Had no time to watch it in real time..CANCELLED again.

Downloaded on iTunes all of  Julianna Margulies amazing show Canterburys Law on a business trip…I cried and laughed and got totally involved in all the episodes and then find out CANCELLED. What happened to her son? What happened to her and her drinking and ex-husband….more good TV writers out of work.

Sorry Network TV Executives…but this is the new world…you need to give shows time. You believed enough to put them on tv…now give us time to find them instead of all the totally crappy reality low budget tv shows like Ryan Seacrest productions of My MOM picks out my wife???? This is clearly why we watch CABLE tv and opt for better tv shows. I am so sick of being sucked in to your lame lives.

Okay… I admit…my DVR is set for 24 season debut…but what else do you have for me?

Those that read my blog for art….and Painter X tutorials and updates…sorry, but this is my rant and I’m sticking to it! Corel Painter X updates coming next!

The Art of Digital Photo Painting is SHIPPING!

Friday, December 12th, 2008

My new book The Art of Digital Photo Painting from Lark Books is shipping now earlier than anticipated. You can still order it on Amazon and are guaranteed holiday delivery as of today. We found that the link to  Twisting Pixels has changed…the download site for TWISTING PIXELS is on THIS PAGE at the bottom scrolling down you will find the link. Click Windows or MAC to get the FREE TRIAL. Any other click takes you to purchasing it.

Also, we found that right now the link in the book to the DEMO images on the Lark site is and there you can download each image individually. If you want to download the images for the tutorials in one large ZIP file go HERE on my own site. Because the delivery sort of jumped ahead on us, we got caught not having them up yet. The download is 82megs so if you are on a slow connection, give it time to download.

I have been receiving emails for a few days now all with positive comments on the book. If you feel the same about it and would like to write a wonderful Five Star review of it on that would be great! Thanks all!

Special Blog Discounts for Forum Members!

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Our Blogging for Photographers and Artists Workshop is coming up later this week, but we are offering a last minute limited time special deal to forum members of the Digital Painting Forum, The Digital Art Academy and the No BS Success Forum members!

$100 OFF the workshop fee to the first few to email me and sign up.You need to email me your LOG IN name and which forum you belong to and in return you will get the Discount Coupon Code to register!

The info, dates and registration information is all HERE and the Workshop is being taught by website and blogger expert Chris Price. You can see even more info at Chris website.

In this packed two days you will be up and running and have learned how to quickly update your site and how important blogging is to your business!