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Beginner Corel Painter Workshop in Asheville NC

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


July 20, 21  2014 Sunday/Monday



LOCATION: Cool Smokey Mountains in Asheville, NC at Marilyn’s Studio

Learn the tricks and tips to a quick start with Corel Painter X3 the latest version of natural media painting for photographers and artists. Corel Painter Master Marilyn Sholin will have you painting in no time.

You will learn about preferences, set up, installing brushes and saving your own favorites of brushes. Follow with Marilyn on tutorials as you learn how to use this software to clone paint or if  you are a freehand painter learn how to start on a blank canvas.

Explore different methods for portrait painting in unique styles from both traditional to loose and impressionist. Learn basic color techniques and how to “Steal Color” to always be right about your choices. Unique methods of Auto Painting as a layer for your multi-faceted painting.

Learn from a Corel Painter Master in an encouraging and friendly atmosphere!



ALSO don’t forget to REGISTER for the FREE COREL WEBINAR on June 24th!

Some recent paintings from our trip to Venice Italy!

ALEX_DSC00593_912_SAT_PAINTING_02_WEB jewishGhetto_000537_Old_Meets_New_WEB rialtobridge_0001_FIN__WEB

More Digital Painting Meets Acrylic Painting

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Side Tracked
Life gets busy and being a creative person makes it even busier. I don’t go to work 9 to 5 and then get to come home and play. I work all the time but for me it’s also play. So I started down some new roads and they got me side tracked but now I’m back with some new ideas and info.

I have many digital files of my paintings that have just been sitting dormant. To be clear, many of these are living, breathing three dimensional on canvas paintings. First I digitally paint them using numerous effects like Topaz, Alienskin Filters, and Nik Filters and Postworkshop 3 plus Corel Painter 12 and Photoshop. Then I have them printed on canvas. Next step is to paint on the canvas with wet paints to enhance and bring out the features of the digital file and then to get a high resolution file made of the original painting so I can reproduce the original many times over in other means such as gift items or matted prints.

So there is always just ONE original the way I have been working. Everything else is a copy of it. I wanted to be able to create some smaller originals but using the SAME digital files of the originals. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? How can I do that? Took me a while to figure it out also, but I did!


Here is the digital file of a real acrylic painting I have done. It’s called Sunset Terrace and the reference capture was taken at the Grove Park Inn Sunset Terrace restaurant here in Asheville, NC.

Sunset Terrace

I decided I wanted to make 5x5x2 Gallery Wrapped canvas boxes for future live and in person sales. So I learned the technique of making acrylic digital skins that can be printed on. Any color paint can be used to create these skins and it can be mixed, thinned or swirled. Using Golden Digital Grounds I can make the skin printable to go through a printer.

Skin Printer

Here you can see another one of my paintings coming out of the printer. After it has been sealed and dried I can use it to make my boxes and then paint with more paint on the boxes and seal them to prepare for sale.

Painting Together

Notice that the yellow painting is not the same on the box. Like I said, you can use anything and the one on the box was printed on more bronze paint. Below is the finished box with the bronze painting on it.

Finished Box

These techniques are incredibly fun to work with and there are so many substrates that we can use to put them on. I am playing with many materials now seeing what I like best.

If all of this sounds difficult, it isn’t. It’s just a matter of learning the materials and then you can do this with any of your photographs also. Think beautiful landscapes that are printed and then mounted to canvas or masonite and glazed over. More originals!

Look for my new Golden Acrylic Painting Workshop Schedule coming soon! I will have short workshops in my Asheville studio plus longer ones so you can stay and enjoy the mountains!

This is one of my PIXIQ posts reproduced here and also was blogged on the Corel Blog. I am slowly moving my PIXIQ posts over to here and this will be my primary blog again.

Venice Italy May 2014 Join Us

Monday, June 10th, 2013

We have put together a wonderful trip to Venice Italy for May 2014. If you went on my last tour with Theresa Airey you know how much fun we have with attention to every student and detail.



Just a little TASTE of Venice…more to come!

For Details on the Venice, Italy trip with two world class instructors go HERE

You do NOT need to be a professional photographer or even have fancy equipment, just a passion for seeing things in a different light and open to learning new lighting and working with some models also in the beautiful Venice light. More details will be posted here soon but we are only taking TEN and its half booked already!

Passion to learn new artistic photo manipulations also!



Friday, September 7th, 2012

Hello World! I’m BACK! Yes, it’s been a while but I have been really busy working on all kinds of new exciting methods and programs. My NEW Live and in Person WORKSHOP in Asheville North Carolina is coming up soon! REGISTER now for this fabulous workshop and then you can even add on a WET PAINT DAY to learn how to seal your prints and add acrylic gel and paints to your canvas!

Very excited to be offering this workshop. For full details on the workshop to to More Details Art of Digital Painting Collage LINK




Free Webinar Tonite! Discount Codes and Links

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Tonight I am doing a FREE (yes, really!) webinar at the Photography Schoolhouse. You can register for FREE! You may be wondering where I have been, well between Facebook and my blogging at Pixiq it’s been a wild ride keeping me away from my own blog. But it’s time to get back to connecting with my own blog.  Tonight’s webinar is about easy art for Portraits!

Marilyn Sholin’s  SECRET WEAPON:
Portrait Art on Steroids

Wednesday Nov. 30, 2011 at 6:00PM Pacific Time – Price = FREE


Give your clients art choices for their portraits that only take a few clicks and no painting experience necessary. We are talking about innovation and formulas I’ll give you that only require a few steps and from there you can experiment and create your own. This only takes a few minutes. We will be using basic Photoshop skills (even beginners can do this) and a few new filters like Nik Efex 4. You will be amazed at how fast you can do this and how these new techniques will sell. Be innovative and do something new and different from all the other photographers.

I will be showing you some simple changes with Postworkshop, Topaz Filters, Alienskin SnapArt 3, Nik Filters EFEX 4. Here are a few examples.


True to my word here are the DISCOUNT CODES and all the links I mention in the webinar….PLUS a few others just for good measure.

New Links and Discount Codes

Nik Software   Discount Code: msholin

Topaz Filters  Discount Code:  msholin

Postworkshop  Discount Code:     xyco-u8s3


Alienskin Snapart3 and All Alienskin Software

Discount Code: MSH0901


Lucis Art Pro 6 and Lucis Art 3 ED and Lucis Art 3 SE

Discount Code: : HIDDENIMAGE


Dynamic Auto Painter

Sorry, no discounts available


Think Tank Photo Equipment and Accessories

Free Gift Code: WS-513

Be sure to go to Pixiq to see more FREE LESSONS and videos!




Art for Photographers in London SWPP

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Saturday January 15 2011 Four Hours

This is an exciting program I am giving at the SWPP convention in London next week. I am really looking forward to sharing at this program to help other photographers who are frustrated and stuck in a grind of high school seniors and weddings to find a way to make more money and also sell their images as fine art over and over again.

You don’t need to know much… can use many different programs and plug ins but the point is to DO IT! I think some are mistaking this four hour super class for a Corel Painter lesson and it’s not. It is much more than that! It’s about the entire journey of becoming who you want to be!

With over 25 years of experience as a studio owner and master portrait artist, I was silly to take a giant leap with my eyes closed and my mind open into the art world of painting. I still can’t draw a straight line,  do draw stick figure doodles and never had formal art training. Yet, my paintings (developed from photo reference) have hung in airports, won best of show and even  had a one woman and group shows in a very short time and are selling internationally. The finished original canvas paintings have form and texture that are all created with the simplest of acrylic paint products available worldwide.

I am going to show how easy it is to create these finished pieces of art and the magical road to selling them over and over and over creating new income flow that is pure profit. Create it once, sell it a thousand times over in multiple products and market to new collectors who then will become your studios new portrait clients also. Working it full circle will increase sales in all areas.

Sit in with me even if you never painted with a brush and never drew before. I have done all the research and created the information and details to take your studio into a new area of touchable art in simple terms and materials. This is a life changing time for photographers. This is a product that will put your studio above all others and have your clients talking about you as an artist.


You do NOT need anything but to take notes at this class. If you want to follow along in Painter or Photoshop that is fine, but it is NOT required!

Digital Paint Meets Acrylic Paint UPDATE!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

I did a webinar today with @marathonpress and it was so incredibly awesome I had to share it with you all! I did four videos showing me painting with acrylic paint on my digital painting printed on canvas. We had over 50 people watching and for the first time combined live webinar with slides and me chatting live with recorded video. It was incredibly AWESOME and the good news is even if you never signed up and missed this ground breaking event you can still get it! I showed digital files versus the painted final paintings. I had fun…I was stupid, I was just “ME” and you get to see it ALL!  You can register and buy the video HERE

On another note…if you missed the awesome marketing TELESUMMIT where I give away huge secrets to being a financially successful photographer or artist and how to use Facebook correctly ( you ARE doing it WRONG…just admit it already!)…then until Friday you can buy it HERE!

Don’t yell at me for promoting the BEST info at the best prices. REALLY I don’t have time to do this every day. I want everyone to be successful and HAPPY!

Niagara School of Imaging Digital Painting Pro Tip

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Every August for the past few years I have been asked to teach at the Niagara School of Imaging in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. This is the a fantastic, well run, fun school to be at! Everyone in my workshops there always has a great time learning Corel Painter and goes home with a fully hand embellished painted canvas print! NSI spares no expense to be sure all the students and instructors are happy. We all write a Pro Tip for the newsletters and mine was just published this week. Take a look at it: Marilyn Pro Tip about Portrait Painting

Here’s a little clip from it: “Portrait Painting:
The greatest challenge is not learning to use Corel Painter 11 software, it is in the artists struggle to paint portraits and create their own style of portrait painting. There are those that would like to be Picassos and paint the paintings as mere references to the physical person, but more often than not the photographers struggle is to balance themselves on that thin line between looking “too photographic” and attempting to have the portrait still be “painterly”.
Come and join us there August 16-20. You will leave knowing how to paint with Corel Painter!

June 11 2009 Digital Paintbrush Newsletter

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Now online. Check out the discounts and deals and all about Digital Painting!


Two Special Digital Painting Webinairs!

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Tonight (Monday June 1st) is a FREE webinair on the art of Auto Painting with Corel Painter 11.
It’s going to be a fun one and fast and furious.
You canREGISTER for free. But you MUST show up! It’s at 6pm PDT (PACIFIC). There will NOT be any recordings available from it and at the end there will be some very special offers that are only good for 24 hours! So be sure to register for the site and then to log into the webinair.

Next Monday June 8th there is a very special Webinair sponsored by the Digital Art Academy. It’s the BIG FACE OFF where I will teach how to paint faces three different ways! REGISTER for only $30.00! How much better can it get than that?


After registration, click on Marilyn Sholin’s The Great Face Paint, register for the class and click on Please Confirm Your Registration.

Please also register a User name and password, and to sign up for the newsletter that will keep you informed about all the new classes and webinars at DAA!

Thank You Corel Painter Official Magazine for running one of my latest paintings
Part of my new set of “Asheville Life” paintings is “Waiting for the Sale” representing the
yearly Bele Chere Art Festival.
Full Page On Top of Actual Painting