TEN Hot Picks for Painting Books!
There have been a lot of new books out there that are finally addressing beginning painters and also just the pure fun of playing with the products and mediums. I have actually bought many of these and am totally enjoying them! I am sharing with you some of my favorites:

Acrylic Revolution is so cool and it has tons of easy to follow photos and it lays flat to be with you while you are working the lessons. Marbelized Skins on page 95 is just too much fun to play with. I have so many ideas!

Rethinking Acrylic is the perfect book to incorporate acrylic paint with your photos. The Acrylic Transfer and the Printed Image chapter on page 74 is just mind blowing and Patty makes it simple to understand how to do it and have great results!

Creative Paint Workshop is just a beautiful book with Anns fantastic approaches to abstracts and multimedia art, collages, mixing paint with photos and textures. It’s beautifully presented and makes me want to do each lesson!

This one will keep you busy for months. With over 60 “exercises” designed to break you out of your comfort zone and learn how to see “abstracts” as the art form they are, this one is a beautifully set up lesson for each theme. You are given exercise, materials and techniques and tips for each lesson.

Ever get nervous about choosing your colors? Never again. With Confident Color you can learn the basics of color harmony and strategies with fabulous colorful images and color palettes. Making Color Sing is what we all want to do and this book will give you the confidence to use colors combined, layers and together in new ways you may have not realized before.

Creativity has to be developed and used in order to develop works of art. Whether you paint or are a mixed media artist or a digital painter, this book will give you creativity jolts of brilliance to move you into your next work. Every page has activities for everyone from quilters to painters to paper collage. It will spur you on to places you never tried before and your work will have much more depth.

WARNING: Altered Surfaces is a SMALL 50 page paperback book so don’t be surprised but WOW is it full of ideas, information and if you want to PLAY Mediums Grounds and Pastes…it’s just an awesome and easy way to learn from. Don’t belittle it cause it’s small. Good things come in concise packages!

Mixed Emulsions will give you a minimum of 25 projects that will mix your digital images, photos on film, and Polaroids and manipulate them with an array of traditional art materials and techniques. Adding color with acrylic paints, oil sticks, watercolors, dry pigments, and inks. For texture she uses embossing powders, gessoes, pastes, and wax, and for special effects she experiments by printing photos on unusual substratum, by imprinting, and by using tissue and fabric. There is a ton of info here and your workshop will be a mess when you are done!

This book is almost too much fun. There are also many projects in here that would be great fun to do with your children! Printing and painting on mailing envelopes, altered ink transfers, making linoleum blocks, monoprints from photos…it is just loaded with projects! Do one a day!

Last on this weeks list is GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION to buy the books and taking the time to play in them, get immersed in the artistry and become the artist you want to be. It’s written in an entertaining comic book style with art alll through it and great fun fonts. “Good questions to ask yourself” “What is a mistake really?” “Celebrate Mistakes” and much much more. Loosen up and give yourself permission to be the artist you are!

That is this weeks round up of books. I hope to review at least four more for next week on traditiional portrait painting.
Let me know which books you have or you buy and leave your comments here about them!